Our services

Consignment Motors

Fontela Electric provide customers with consignment motors on their shelf to help benefit customers who cannot afford to deal with down time at their facilities. This program allows our customers to give us quantity of motors that are needed for their own stock. Those motors are then shipped with individual packing slips and core tags. This unique program allows the customers to pay as the motors are used, rather than a total charge up-front. This consignment helps small and large companies that rely on a strict budget to manage money and time. In addition, there is no limit to the number of motors ordered for consignment, which is an added bonus for any size company.

Electric Forklift Motors, A/C and D/C Repair

We offer Electric Forklift Motors at a standard one off price and are known for their great strength and power. What this means is that we can give you a new replacement of your existing forklift motor part at a standard price. We take the faulty motor part and place it with our other stock of available parts. We make sure that the materials that we use to repair or rebuild the parts are smooth and long lasting. Fontela deals in best quality A/C, D/C motors which are offered to our clients and are carried out in an efficient manner. Our products are durable, strong and reliable. The motors offered by us is manufactured using the best quality components and advanced technology.

New Motor Parts

Our engineers through their excellence and performance help us to meet our client’s need. Being a well-established organization Fontela Electric also deals in Class H Quality motor parts that are best suitable for your equipment. We indulge ourselves in the rewinding and repairing of the electrical parts for both commercial and residential purpose at the most competitive range of prices. We conduct quality checks and rigorously test on various parameters ensuring its quality and functionality at each level which is done by our skilled technicians. Once the motor parts are ready it undergoes a complete cleaning process where the removal of grease and other impure substance takes place. All the motors are reassembled with new brushes, brush springs, new bearings, new insulators and new hardware as needed.